Managing Comments During the Holiday Rush

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Executive Summary

  • For retailers, e-commerce and brick-and-mortar alike, the holiday shopping season represents the busiest season of the year. While the year-end is when people are most in the mood for shopping, there is also fierce competition among retailers trying to grab as large a slice of the holiday shopping pie as possible.

  • Social media advertising is the go-to channel during the busy holiday season, since it allows brands to reach consumers with targeted, relevant, engaging, and timely ads

  • Comments can be utilized to identify new sales opportunities, provide better customer service, assess the impact of campaigns, prevent public relations incidents, and understand perception of products or a brand. Effective comment management can ultimately drive higher positive sentiment and conversion rates this holiday season.


transparent100 engagement-peaks-2021-holiday-season
transparent100 engagement-peaks-2021-holiday-season

Shopping Peak & Engagement Stats

Explore Holiday Engagement Benchmarks, including:
  • Which types of comments brands receive during the Holiday Season
  • Engagement threats: from brand attacks to spam and other harmful comments
  • Conversion Opportunities: enhanced purchase intent during the holiday rush
  • Community Building
  • Customer Service needs on social
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transparent100 tips-2021-holiday-season
transparent100 tips-2021-holiday-season

Comment Management Tips During the Busy Holiday Season

From avoiding engagement threats to leveraging conversion opportunities: how comments can take your marketing strategy to the next level
  • Top Challenges When Advertising at Scale
  • Tip #1: Remove Harmful Comments
  • Tip #2: How to respond to tap into every sales opportunity

  • Tip #3: Monitor and Measure Comments 24/7
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transparent100 calendar-2021-holiday-season
transparent100 calendar-2021-holiday-season

Holiday Calendar

October, November and December detailed calendar:

  • Observance and Holiday Days
  • Key dates to start your ads
  • When to ramp up ad spend
  • Tips and alerts
  • When to start planning campaigns
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transparent100 checklist
transparent100 checklist

Holiday Checklist

Everything you need to do before and during the Holiday Season to ensure smooth and successful community management.

The do's and dont's of Comment Management.

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Managing Comments During the Holiday Rush

Managing Comments During the Holiday Rush