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Managing Comments on Social Media

Learn how to moderate, engage and measure.



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What this eBook covers

  • Tips on how to manage all types of engagement - the good, the bad, the ugly
  • Best practices from Fortune 500 companies, disruptors, and challenger brands
  • How managing engagement effectively impacts social media and ad performance

Table of contents

01 MODERATE: Social Media Moderation: Why It’s Essential and How to Do It

02 ENGAGE: Leverage Engagement to Boost Conversions and Customer Service

03 MEASURE: Understand Your Customers to Drive Better Results 

04 IMPROVE: Why Partner With BrandBastion To Level Up Your Engagement Game



Social media has become an alternate universe – a world as real as the brick and mortar world. For brands, social media provides an opportunity to reach  new customers, drive sales, and engage with existing customers. While brands have many advertising options to reach users on social media, they have far less control over the volume and type of social media comments that their ads receive. These comments become a part of the ad, shape viewers’  perception, and can make or mar brands.

In our experience working with Fortune 500 companies and emerging disruptor brands, we have found that there are some key competencies brands need in order to manage social media comments effectively. Brands need to be able to detect, classify, assign, and take actions (such as hiding, replying, or escalating)  on comments at scale in line with the business goals.

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